green beans

green beans
Cafe Solar, Solar-Dried Coffee
Flavour Profile: Perfectly balanced between full body and pleasing acidity; this coffee is exceptionally smooth. Toasted caramel aromas combined with a sweet syrupy texture contribute to a lasting finish.
Acidity: 3/5 (Medium)
Body: 3/5 (Medium)
Elevation: 1,300 m
Organic Fair Trade Direct Trade
Additional Info: A first-of-its-kind coffee, Cafe SolarĀ® is solar-dried using innovative renewable energy technology; it's part of a program that saving thousands of hectares of rainforest; and it's produced by a co-operative that's managed entirely by women. It's our flagship, direct trade, coffee program here at Merchants of Green Coffee and it's so important to us that we've given it it's own website: