green beans

green beans
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Flavour Profile: Rich and wild with hints of citrus, earth, vanilla and grain. Long floral finish.
Acidity: 4/5 (Medium-High)
Body: 3/5 (Medium)
Elevation: 1,800 m
Organic Fair Trade
"Irgachefe" (transliterated as Yirgacheffe) is a town in the central southern region of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Eastern Africa. Widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee c. 9th-century (in one of several mythic stories). It is also widely considered the site of the emergence of early Homo Sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic. Due to the wide ranges in altitude, the country supports a variety of ecologically distinct areas that have helped encourage the evolution of endemic species in ecological isolation.