Officially (Soft) Launching Our Cafe

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Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay

Today is considered “International Coffee Day”, but don’t worry if you weren’t aware because no one seems to know its real origin. The concept has been promoted on different days in different countriesthe earliest record being Japan in 1983.

Just three years ago, the International Coffee Organization agreed to the first official recognition of the date in Milan as a way of promoting fair trade coffee and awareness of coffee growers.

Since then, many coffee companies have been choosing to take today as an opportunity to give away free and discounted coffee; which, in many ways, works to devalue the product in consumers’ minds and actually distracts from the economic plight of coffee growers.

We are celebrating today just like any other day; with ethically sourced beans and strong, black brews. But today, we also have an exciting official event to announce …

Our Official Cafe Soft Launch is Next Weekend!

In addition to officially publishing the name and mission of our cafe, we’re giving away a hot coffee lecture next Saturday! If you love coffee, learning and discussion, we’d love to see you there.

event details:

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018
Lecture Time: 10:00am-12:00pm (Given by our Co-Founder and CEO, Derek Zavislake)
Special Guests: Our Cafe Solar partners from the Mesoamerican Development Institute; Richard Trubey and Raul Rauddales

*Further details will be posted to the event page and social media accounts this week, so follow along for updates!

**Please be sure to RSVP here:

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