Call-Out for Climate March Signs

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The next Global Climate March is tomorrow, and we’re teaming up with Extinction Rebellion Toronto to collect your signs in order to showcase them and give new life to the messages!

Where to Donate/Recycle Signs:

After the March (November 29th; 2-4pm): Drop-off at Extinction Rebellion Toronto marked booth at the North-West corner of College St. and University Ave.


Anytime by December 4th: Drop-off at Restoration Cafe, anytime during our hours of operation.
*Restoration Cafe will continue to collect signs after Dec. 4th (for future art installations).

How Are we Planning to Reuse the Signs?

An installAction that will be BIG and will be seen by all those entering the Downtown core via the Don Valley Parkway.

Stay tuned for more action!

And visit Fridays For Future for info about your local Global Climate March!

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