It’s a Coffee Supply with a Purpose … and it’s Empowering Consumers with a Means for Direct Action

It’s a solution to the fact that the world’s coffee habit is destructive to both people and the planet, and it harnesses the power of our daily ritual & consumers who are already acting every single day.

To the naked eye it’s hard to tell the difference between one roasted coffee bean and another; or one fancy coffee package from another … Climate Change Coffee beans may look like any other coffee beans in product shots, but these beans are different … these beans are restoring forests.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Get as many coffee consumers as possible to drink better coffee while learning about and understanding its carbon footprint.
  2. Raise the standard of living for coffee farmers.
  3. Show consumer support for a better, greener coffee supply.

Climate Change Coffee is Stopping Deforestation …

Most coffee consumers are unaware that conventional coffee processing is fueled by wood-burning dryers. Climate Change Coffee exists to educate consumers about this issue and provide a solution.

This is the only coffee that is processed 100% off-grid using advanced solar power and biomass technology!

… And Reforesting Coffee Growing Regions!

The situation is critical and as the second largest traded commodity next to oil, coffee is a major contributor to the problem. For example, Honduras (the world’s 5th largest coffee producer) is projected to lose all of its remaining forests by 2050.

This Coffee is Working to Mitigate Climate Change By:

> Growing coffee using a 1:1 forest to farm ratio. (Reforesting coffee-growing regions)

> Processing coffee beans 100% off-grid using solar energy.

> Providing economic stability and making direct carbon sequestration payments to coffee growers.

> Promoting women management at all stages of production.

We’re a small group of people based in Toronto, Boston and Honduras. From this email list and the ability to exchange information electronically, we know we can organically grow and address climate change with coffee.

Climate Change Coffee® is a product of Merchants of Green Coffee & partners.

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