After Placing a Coffee Order

Frequently Asked Questions After Placing a Coffee Order

Questions After Placing a Coffee Order

  1. Where is my coffee order?
    If you have a pending green or roasted coffee order, please note that we will send it out or have it ready for pick-up as soon as possible.

  2. How do I cancel my order?
    If you want to cancel a pending, paid order because you don’t want to wait, (we understand and are very sorry for the wait), you can now simply email your order number to and, if the order has not yet been shipped, we will initiate a full refund within a few days.

  3. What is my green coffee account balance? (Green Coffee Members Only)
    If you are a green coffee member, please note that the only home-roaster that fulfilled our needs has been out of production for several years (the FreshRoast home coffee roaster). We are seeking an alternative machine to fill this gap. We have been and will continue to fulfill membership draw-downs and top-ups on our website and in-store. We are operating via honour system until we have the customer service department available to update membership account balances. If your account is overdrawn you will be contacted.