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Climate action in coffee starts here!
If you support addressing climate change by reducing carbon emissions & natural reforestation, then show it …

Coffee Lovers Have a Means of Coffee Activism & Climate Action

Climate Change Coffee is coffee that’s designed for ‘climate action’; the first and only roasted coffee blend addressing climate change. It does so with its recipe containing a base of sustainable, Cafe Solar® beans.

This proprietary, yet completely transparent coffee blend is a solution to the fact that the world’s coffee habit is destroying the planet and its unique, forest-restoring program is setting a precedent in the coffee world today.

Harnessing the power of one of the most popular daily rituals, Climate Change Coffee is converting the act of consuming coffee into forest restoration and carbon sequestration … and making it possible for caring coffee consumers to easily get on board and become coffee activists!

Coffee activism starts with signing up to the Climate Change Coffee Newsletter (above), trying Climate Change Coffee, sharing with friends, and eventually, committing to coffee subscriptions that include carbon offsetting.

Signing up is a show of coffee climate action. You’ll also receive important emails about the program as it unfolds.

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A large woodpile (towering over a person’s head) that represents just a small fraction of the forest wood that is used to cut and dry coffee.
16,000 acres of forest are cut down each year in Central America to fuel conventional coffee dryers.

Climate Change Coffee is Stopping Deforestation …

Most coffee consumers are unaware that conventional coffee processing is fueled by wood-burning dryers. About 3 sq. cm of forest wood is burned for every cup of coffee consumed.

Climate Change Coffee is the only coffee processed 100% off-grid using advanced solar power and biomass dryers … making it the first Solar-Dried Coffee!

Two high elevation mountainsides of Honduras’s coffee-producing region showing the vast difference between a lush, natural forest and a recently deforested hillside.
Comparing these two, high elevation mountainsides of a coffee-producing region in Honduras illustrates the vast difference between a natural forest and a recently deforested hillside.

… and Restoring Natural Forests!

Deforestation due to coffee production is threatening the very habitat in which coffee is grown. For example, Honduras (the world’s 5th largest coffee producer) is projected to lose all of its remaining forests by 2050.

Climate Change Coffee is farmed using a forest-friendly system called Integrated Open Canopy™, and is currently protecting 425 acres of forest and sequestering approximately 7,000 metric tonnes of CO2e (carbon emissions) annually.

Main Ways Climate Change Coffee Coffee is Mitigating Climate Change:

> Growing coffee using a 1:1 forest to farm ratio.

> Processing coffee beans 100% off-grid using solar powered dryers.

> Paying growers a fair price of US$3.25/lb + carbon sequestration premiums for carbon farming.

> Ensuring women production managers oversee the entire process.