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Feature image cover for video: wok roasting coffee by the stream
Roasting your own coffee is not just an enjoyable part of the overall coffee experience, it allows you to drink Read more
Feature image cover for video: Coffee Flowers for Mother's (Earth) Day
Beautiful, jasmine-scented coffee flowers in celebration of Mother's (Earth) Day. Good, green coffee thrives naturally in biodiverse forests. Read more
Feature image of a piece of charcoal and a graphite pencil representing carbon, alongside green coffee beans.
The carbon calculations to produce coffee are done, and consumers can afford to offset the production of coffee's carbon footprint. Read more
Feature image of traditional Korean Sul beverage.
"Korean food is regarded as a genuine slow food". This is how Chef SungSook Han opened the evening with a Read more
Feature Image showing that the current sustainable coffee price is a minimum of US$3.25/lb.
There’s no debating or denying it, 2020 will be a decisive decade. Our world offers an abundance of information, but Read more
The next Global Climate March is tomorrow, and we’re teaming up with Extinction Rebellion Toronto to collect your signs in Read more
Greta Thunberg, 16, is perhaps the most prominent voice in the climate and environment crisis movement today. She started the Read more
Climate Change Coffee Announcement @ Patagonia Toronto In true spirit of environmental campaigning, we spent Saturday, August 24th, with our Read more
In cased you missed it, we were just on CBC Radio! Listen to the first 10 minutes of the podcast Read more
We don't often think of coffee as a food, and yet it is the roasted seed of a cherry; the Read more
At first it might appear all negative, but people all over the world are actively working on solutions and there Read more
For over a decade, we've been developing and using this simple setup to brew our signature rich and sweet-tasting black Read more