How You Can Help … Coffee

Coffee needs our help! … Coffee habitat is at risk, farmers are barely surviving, the overall quality of coffee sold to consumers is degrading … Climate change and scarcity will cause coffee prices to rise, but farmers will not benefit from a price increase and the quality of coffee will not improve.

Unless we DO something about it! … We are a local, Toronto based company that operates in the global supply chain of coffee … We don’t pretend to be large, but we are significant AND we exist to harness the power of consumers that care about the their coffee’s quality and care to make coffee better for people and the planet …

This is where YOU come in!

Here are some proactive ways you can help make coffee better & reduce your coffee’s footprint …

2. Change Your Coffee Supply

> > > Drink Climate Change Coffee/Cafe Solar® < < <

The highest quality and most sustainable roasted coffees worldwide.
This is how you can have an immediate impact!

3. Spread the Word

There are many way to spread the word and multiply your impact!

4. Further Actions

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