Evergreen Forest Tea

$22.95/100g bag

A North American herbal tea blend that’s like a forest in your cup … with an aroma that conjurs up memories of campfires. We love this tea.

It’s comprised of a blend of evergreen tree tips harvested during peak season for maximum aroma and sweetness. Locally sourced from the forests of Northeastern New Brunswick by our wild food partners, Forbes Wild Foods, Evergreen Forest Tea is a certified organic supply of evergreen tree tip tea. It’s also extremely high in vitamin C. Evergreen infusions were used by Native Americans to strengthen the immune system, soothe respiratory congestion, and aid in the prevention of vitamin C deficiency during the cold winter months.

*This tea requires a longer steeping time and more agitation (stirring) when brewing than most other herbal teas. For basic brewing instructions, scroll through the series of images provided.

Flavour Profile

Sweet, citrus, light, floral, rich pine notes. Blend of balsam, eastern white cedar and white spruce tips. Harvested from certified organic forests in the highland forests of Northeastern New Brunswick.

Blend Recipe

Balsam (Abies Balsam), Eastern White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis), White Spruce Tips (Picea Glauca)

Certifications: Organic

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Packaging Details:

This first version of our Evergreen Forest Tea package is composed of FDA-approved kraft cardstock candy bag w/ glassine window. The entire package can be recycled.
(Alternate packaging with additional size formats coming soon)


Most coffee packaging comes with a major environmental footprint. Plastic + foil-lined bags (used extensively in specialty coffee & tea) cannot be recycled and last for years in landfills ...

Merchants of Green Coffee has a strict ‘no plastic policy’ and we have been selling our coffees in what we like to call “premium brown bags” for over 25 years. (And we operate almost 100% plastic-free ... packaging always being an area for improvement)

Our "premium brown bags" are composed of 100% natural materials: post-consumer kraft paper, PLA (corn-based) lining, and a tin-tie. To recycle: Remove the tin-tie and recycle the bag.

A label/seal is required to ensure our coffees are fresh, traceable, and free from tampering. Our standard Merchants’ label/seal is composed of paper and adhesive, and can be recycled along with the bag.

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