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Introduction to Coffee WorkshopSunday, November 10, 201910:00am-12:00pmA thorough exploration of what is perhaps the most fundamental piece of coffee education: Our 3 Keys to the Best-Tasting Coffee – Quality Green Beans, Freshness of the Roast, and Proper Brewing.
More details on our Coffee Education page – please click here.
Coffee Cupping & Tasting WorkshopSunday, December 1, 201910:00am-12:00pmA “crash course” in wine tasting but for coffee!
More details on our Coffee Education page – please click here.

Our intention is to host events that align with our own mission and values; specifically events that promote education, sustainable food systems, restorative agriculture, social justice, arts, community-building, etc.; however, the views and opinions expressed in our public events do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by us at Merchants of Green Coffee/Merchants’ Restoration Cafe.

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Past Restoration Cafe Events …

Local Food Dinner “It’s Easy Being Green” – March 28, 2019
Family-style feast featuring local, sustainable ingredients, served up by Ricky+Olivia in partnership with U-feast. This was our first driveway (cook)fire of the year!