Evergreen Forest Tea®

Our new Evergreen Forest Tea® has quickly become the flagship tea at Restoration Cafe and, admittedly, we’re addicted!

The tea is composed of a unique blend of Canadian evergreen tree tips harvested at peak season for maximum sweetness. Sourced from the forests of Northeastern New Brunswick by our wild food partners, Forbes Wild Foods, Evergreen Forest Tea® is the only certified organic supply of evergreen tree tip tea. It’s also extremely high in vitamin C, which is why tree tip tea was historically used by Native Americans to strengthen their immune system, soothe respiratory congestion, and help in preventing scurvy.

There are many reasons for falling in love with Evergreen Forest Tea®, but the best and most obvious is probably its intoxicating aroma, which immediately transports you to the forest with its incredibly sweet, piney notes. The cup is light and floral with flavours of citrus and evergreen; which, when combined with the aroma, deliver an overall sensory experience that is refreshing, uplifting and tasty.

We’re now offering a special Evergreen Forest Tea® brew service by the cup/pot at Restoration Cafe (to stay only), as well as 100g retail bags to take home.