Climate Change Coffee


Coffee Acting on Climate Change!

An activist blend containing 50% Cafe Solar® + 50% other amazing origins. This freshly roasted coffee blend is conserving forests & sequestering carbon!

Our Recipe

Origins: 50.1% Cafe Solar®, Honduras
 / 16.6% Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe FTO
 / 16.6% Colombia FTO / 16.6% Papua New Guinea FTO
Certifications: fair trade, organic

The Cup

A light, yet silky mouthfeel with a bold, dark chocolate flavour and underlying notes of dry earth and plantain. Overall, a delicious blend with exceptional balance and lots of sweetness.
Acidity: Medium / Body: Medium

By blending in at least 50% Cafe Solar® bean, we fuel solar-powered coffee processing and reforestation through coffee growing
+ share the wealth with coffee growers in other important producing regions.

Cafe Solar® is currently protecting 425 acres of forest and sequestering approximately 7,000 metric tonnes of CO2 (carbon emissions) annually.

*Please note that these are freshly roasted coffee beans.
*100% certified, arabica coffee beans.

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