ACE Brewer


The ACE Brewer is the tool for brewing better coffee in the most simple way. This hands-on brewer hits the mark for making the best coffee with a simple method (hence the name “Ace”) and is an excellent tool for any kitchen, workplace or campsite.


  • 100% stainless steel (spring-like) filter basket, which is collapsible, portable, and virtually indestructible!
  • The best and highest quality, reusable organic cotton filter.
  • Two-Step Steep and Filter® instruction card.

Used with our Two-Step Steep and Filter® brewing method, the ACE Brewer can out-brew any other maker, delivering 1-6 cups of the most rich and flavourful fresh-brewed coffee.


Product Details:

  • Revolutionary minimalist coffee brewer.
  • Super low-tech gravity-powered technology.
  • Virtually indestructible; lifetime warranty.
  • Lightest weight & lowest carbon footprint coffee brewer.
  • Collapsible and convenient for traveling/storage.
  • Perfect for use both in the home and outdoors.
  • Yields 1-6 cups of brewed coffee at a time.
  • Reusable cotton filter lasts for years and accepts any size coffee grinds.
  • Spring-like filter basket can also be used used with paper filters size 4, 8, 6.
  • Made in Canada and engineered to make a world of better coffee.

How to Use ACE Brewer

Additional information

Weight 454 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 5 in