Green Business

An Environmental Approach to Coffee

Our guiding company principals are fresh coffee, fair trade, green business.

Green business is about operating in a way that is open and transparent, while always actively seeking to reduce emissions and enrich the environment.

Cafe Solar®; Our Flagship Green Coffee that is Addressing Climate Change Coffee

For the past 25 years, we’ve been busy helping build a model for sustainable coffee production. The result is our flagship coffee, Cafe Solar®.

This coffee’s sustainable supply chain includes clean, solar-powered coffee processing, Integrated Open Canopy (IOC)® coffee farms (see below), organic growing conditions, and women management of the entire coffee production.

Cafe Solar® is a partnership program, and our partners include both the women-managed Cafe Solar® coffee cooperative and the Mesoamerican Development Institute (NGO responsible for engineering the solar coffee-drying technology and establishing the IOC® coffee farms).

How IOC® coffee farms are restoring biodiversity in Honduras and helping establish biological corridors: