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COVID-19 forced a change in society and the responsibility lies with the reactions and actions of every individual going forward. A positive future needs cleaner hands. We need good growing conditions, fair trading conditions, good governments, good companies, and better-educated and -supplied consumers.

This webpage is planning to be the home of better coffee worldwide. Our message is free. Both Mother Nature and science ‘know’ that your daily cup of coffee is stale and has been sold to you as ‘fresh’ for almost a century. The coffee market (including specialty) is full of noise and difficult to fully trust.

That might be okay with you. You can always add milk and sugar to get rid of the bitter taste. Here is what is not okay: Coffee growing threatens the last of our remaining forests and coffee growers live in an extreme cycle of poverty.

Our coffee education and marketing is developed to address critical elements of the supply and the consumption of coffee. We are a small company with a big plan: Make the world’s coffee better. This website will be adapted to reflect the crisis and the needs of all stakeholders.

Here’s a starting reading list that provides a solid foundation for starting to understand coffee better:

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Important Coffee Books

Image of the hardcover book "Coffee Technology" by Michael Sivetz
Front cover of “Coffee Technology” by Michael Sivetz (version 1979).

Coffee Processing Technology (1963)
by Michael Sivetz

Image of the book "Coffee Quality" by Michael Sivetz
Front cover of “Coffee Quality” by Michael Sivetz (version 1987).

Coffee Quality (1987)
by Michael Sivetz