St. Lawrence Farmers’ Market – Ground Zero

We have a grinder so we can grind coffee on-site and we only use kraft coffee bags.

Green and Farmers’ Market Fresh Roasted Coffees

Although Merchants specializes in green coffee, we know that 99.9% of consumers are shopping for roasted coffee. So we take our flagship coffee, Cafe Solar®, and other certified fresh and locally roasted coffees to the longest-running farmers’ market in North America. This is the St. Lawrence Market‘s official farmers’ market.

We’ve been selling here for 20 years and support the ideals of the farmer to consumer relationship. Each week select specialty coffees are freshly roasted on the Friday and start selling before sunrise on Saturday. All of our whole bean coffee is sold in kraft bags and we have a bulk coffee grinder on-site.

Our St. Lawrence farmers’ market stall will be the starting location of ‘ground zero’ coffee calculations. As of January 2022, all coffee sold will be 100% offsetting CO2e emission to zero. The initiative is lead by our new, Zero Footprint Coffee project and supports Cafe Solar®’s reforestation of Central American forests.

Hours of Operation

Every Saturday — 6:30am-1:30pm

Updates: TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice due to health-related issues. (CEO and Merchants of Green Coffee CEO and Co-founder, Señor Derek Zavislake, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 SCL Cancer).


Address: 93 Front St. East, Toronto, ON, M5E 1C3
map showing where our coffee both is situated with regards to the main St. Lawrence Market building.
We are located in the big tent just south of the main Market building. Our coffee stand is situated at the North-East corner of the tent.