About Us

We Are Green Coffee Merchants

Like our early seafaring predecessors, we are voyagers; seeking to establish ideal supply routes for trading coffee. For more than 20 years we’ve been observing; experimenting with; and learning from past and present practices, cultures and technologies; while working to build alternative coffee supply chains that improve the quality and sustainability of coffee today and in future.

Our coffee supply sets the bar high;  We sell green (or “raw”) coffee to home- and micro-roasters who care to source beans from the top 5% in world coffee quality and control their coffee’s freshness by roasting their own. We stand firm on organic farming, fair trade and coffee education.

All green coffee sourced is double-certified (Fair Trade & Organic), unless noted otherwise, and all sales directly support our flagship coffee program that’s working to restore forests in order to address coffee’s carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

A Triple Bottom Line Company

Triple Bottom Line is what we like to call “new school” economics. It is an economic model for business that takes into account—not just profits and returns to shareholders—but also the business’s impact on the people in its supply chain and the environment affected by it. (These are referred to as the business’s “stakeholders”).

Our three bottom lines are:

— Fresh Coffee (Economic; ensuring profits)

— Fair Trade (Social; empowering people)

— Green Business (Environment; restoring the planet)

Sustainability is a fundamental component of our supply chain. Our flagship coffee; Cafe Solar®, is the product of a women-managed program that’s pioneering two major, sustainable innovations in coffee today: solar-powered coffee processing (aka “solar-dried coffee” and restorative farming (via Integrated Open Canopy® coffee farms).

What Else Sets Us Apart?

The Greenest Coffee Packaging

All of our coffees are packaged in biodegradable bags made of post-consumer content with a vegetable-based lining. We call them; “premium brown bags”, and we know they don’t sparkle and shine but we also know they don’t last for hundreds of years in landfills, and thus represent the most environmentally responsible form of coffee packaging today.

Defining & Delivering True Coffee Freshness

Defining coffee freshness and committing to serving nothing but the truly fresh-roasted beans separates our roasted coffee supply from most others. Our discovery that coffee naturally oxidizes 5-7 days after roasting led to the creation of our Fresh Coffee Network; a network of local roasters who roast our certified green beans on a weekly basis and deliver the coffee within 24 hours of roasting (each bag sealed with its roast date).

Merchants of Green Coffee Inc.

Established in 1994 when we discovered that the true taste of fresh coffee is naturally sweet—not bitter—and infused with unique taste characteristics like wine.

Our Mission

To deliver the best-tasting coffee experience to discerning consumers through a supply chain with integrity and a unique commitment to quality.

Our Vision

To lead the evolution of the coffee industry to a sustainable state ‘from tree to cup’.

Our Philosophy

Our mantra is Fresh Coffee, Fair Trade, Green Business.

Merchants of Green Coffee strives to be a sustainable company; a business that creates financial and social wealth without degrading the productive and aesthetic capacity of the environment for both present and future generations. Essentially, we look at the triple bottom line; equal treatment of the economic, social and environmental components of trade. We exist to re-acquaint coffee drinkers to the wonderful taste of fresh roasted coffee using beans brought to market under sustainable conditions.