Our Marketing

All Merchants Marketing is (and Always Will Be) Created In-House By Us!

Since day one we decided that all Merchants of Green Coffee marketing would be created in-house by us.

Why? … Mostly because we feel it’s the only way for us to operate in true accordance with our company principals and values and we care deeply about our message … plus, we’re creative coffee-loving consumers ourselves, with the best understanding of our coffee.

Who Exactly is “We”?

We are business owners who market our own product. Our company has been built by creative people wanting to address change. In 2017, our website was hacked and we’ve been rebuilding it alongside our flagship, restorative coffee program ever since.

Selling a Business Concept to Mitigate Climate Change Was a Tough Sell

One of the most important things to know about Merchants is that it started out as a business plan to better coffee, and the plan spelled out that it required $10-15 million to execute … that was 26 years ago now.

In short, Merchants hasn’t even come close to raising $10 million (mainly due to investors not being interested in sending money to what are considered “developing” countries). We spent more than 2 decades writing plans and proposals, all of which amounted to .. well, not enough capital to fully realize the mission of better coffee … but we were already neck-deep in certified green beans by then!

In our hearts, we knew that our restorative coffee program had the potential to change things for the better; helping farmers, mitigating climate change, restoring forests, and ultimately improving coffee’s quality for consumers. We also held important scientific coffee education that was missing in the marketplace and suppressing real consumer coffee awareness.

Now, imagine holding something that powerful in your hands. We felt it would be irresponsible not to act on it. And in the end, if we weren’t doing what we’re doing today … well, who are we kidding … this is who we are.

As someone wise once said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

… We seek to make coffee better by telling the truth. Period.

Merchants Company Structure

Merchants of Green Coffee is a fully independent, for-profit coffee company. Our original founders still manage and operate the business.

We are also a partnership-based company. Merchants has had many partners and operators throughout our history to thank for our existence; some of which still exist today, and some that have moved on in the ebb and flow of life.

We are currently working on publishing more details about our company history and our current (2020) company structure and team members.

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