Green Coffee Members

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Coffee Memberships

Dec. 2, 2021 Update: The most important thing to know right now is that all membership actions & orders are ON HOLD until we secure a location. Green coffee members are still able to place orders on our website; however, we cannot service account balances and individual inquiries related to membership accounts at this time.

COVID-19 and our building move has had a major effect on our ability to supply small quantities of green coffee. Additionally, the only home-roaster that fulfilled our needs has been out of production for several years (the FreshRoast home coffee roaster). We are seeking an alternative machine to fill this gap.

  1. What is my green coffee account balance & can I place an order to draw-down on green coffee?
    We are operating via honour system until we have the customer service department available to update membership account balances. If your account is overdrawn you will be contacted.
  2. When when you be contacting green coffee members about their accounts?
    As soon as humanly possible.
  3. How do I place a membership order online?
    If you are already a Home-Roasting Member with us AND you have not yet set up an account on our website:
    a) Create Your Account
    b) Once completed, email your username to
    (We will email you back to activate your membership and provide instructions for placing membership orders online ASAP. Please note that while we do not have a customer service department, online account activations are on hold and will resume ASAP. Green coffee members who have any issues ordering online can still visit our cafe and place membership orders in person as usual).
  4. How do I become a member?
    New memberships will be available for purchase on our website soon.