Our Roasted Coffee

Seriously fresh roasted coffee beans, redefining fresh coffee (Fair Trade & Organic)*

Carefully selected certified beans roasted weekly and delivered as fresh as possible. We strive to deliver seriously fresh coffee, and currently work with local roasters to have our beans roasted on a twice-weekly basis. Once roasted; our coffee is bagged, sealed with a roast date, and shipped out as soon as possible.

(Our ultimate goal is and always has been to deliver all of our roasted coffee orders within 24 hours of roasting no matter where you are in North America … This is no easy task but coffee-lovers deserve it and we will keep trying to build it!)

Tip: Place orders by Wednesday at 5pm to be in time for our weekly roast.
Fulfillment: Occurs weekly, begins by Thursday afternoons through to Saturdays, and depends on type of coffee ordered. (Please always wait for an email indicating your order has been completed and is ready for pick-up before coming by).

More on Coffee Freshness
Fresh Coffee Pick-Up Spots

*Fair Trade & Organic: Merchants of Green Coffee can trace all green coffee back to source and prove that 100% of our coffee orders since our company was founded have been for only certified green coffee, unless otherwise noted. In cases where certification is not available, Merchants is in direct contact with the growers of the coffee and can verify that: a) A fair price was paid to the grower, and b) No non-organic pesticides and/or fertilizers were used in the coffee’s production. We are currently working on updating and converting our usual workflow into a digital format; This will incorporate independent local facilities that service better coffee of the highest quality with the many certifications offered today.

Canada-Wide Shipping & Roasted Coffee Freshness

We now offer our roasted coffee Canada-wide; however, please note that we are currently only shipping from our Toronto headquarters, so if you place an order from outside of our local area your order will be in transit for anywhere from 2-5 business days.

Why is Sourcing Fair Trade & Organic Coffee Our Priority?

Our primary concerns when it comes to sourcing sustainable coffees where we don’t control the production, is ensuring coffee farmers are paid a decent wage and that the environment is not being polluted with chemicals. This is the main reason we choose to source strictly Fair Trade and Organic coffee beans. We also understand that true transparency in business requires partnerships and we feel there is value in the work and ideology of these organizations. Merchants also sometimes supports smallholder coffee farmers and cooperatives that are transitioning to various local and international certifications; Or that are simply producing great quality coffee and can provide a trusted account of the bean’s origins and growing conditions. In situations where Merchants engages in direct sourcing, we pay growers a minimum price of US$3.25/lb (and often times higher); which, drawing on nearly 3 decades of research, we have determined to be today’s sustainable coffee price.