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Flagship Coffee & Carbon Offsets

Cafe Solar® is our flagship green coffee is designed to mitigate climate change by measuring and reducing the coffee carbon footprint. After more than 25 years of development, this coffee’s program is actively restoring natural forests on coffee farms and generating carbon offsets. It’s Yoro Model for producing forest-restoring coffee involves the creation of an important biological forest corridor in Central America and has the chance to set a world example for other tropical forests.

Certified Green Coffee

We specialize in sourcing the highest quality green coffees with double-certification (Fair Trade & Organic). All green coffee sales directly support our flagship coffee program that’s working to restore forests in order to address coffee’s carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

High-Quality, Low Footprint Coffee Tools

Very few coffee tools are required to make great coffee. We specialize in low carbon footprint coffee equipment that produces better coffee and don’t sell anything we don’t guarantee as being the best. It starts with quality green beans, a fresh roast, proper brewing; and a true understanding of coffee flows from there.

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Showing 1–12 of 51 results