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Our Merchants of Green Coffee company mission is the driving force behind our Coffee School … “To deliver the best-tasting coffee experience to discerning consumers through a supply chain with integrity and a unique commitment to quality”.

Our classes are intended to simplify and de-mystify coffee for the everyday consumer, and we’ve been committed to offering our coffee “curriculum” for over a decade. The material covers coffee from a scientific, historical, technological, and industrial standpoint; and is ever-evolving to incorporate the current coffee landscape. Special focus is given to addressing the social issues and environmental footprint related to coffee and how these contribute to overall coffee quality.

For two decades we’ve been providing unbiased coffee education aimed helping coffee consumers understand what it takes to get a better cup. Covid interrupted things.

***Upcoming coffee school schedule dates TBD***

In the meantime …

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Our Coffee School Classes

Introduction to Coffee (The 3 Keys; Green Beans, Roasting and Brewing)

It starts with a fresh cup of coffee … and continues with a thorough exploration of what we feel is the most fundamental piece of consumer coffee education; our ‘3 Keys to the Best-Tasting Coffee’. This lecture combines key material from our Green Beans 101, Art of Roasting, and Alchemy of Brewing coffee school classes, providing a comprehensive foundation for truly understanding coffee.

Green Beans 101 – The First Key to the Best-Tasting Coffee

Tracing coffee – from tree to cup. This class covers the origin of green coffee; its circumnavigation of the globe; social & environmental impacts; processing; trade; innovations in production; and its supply chain from a commodity standpoint.

Art of Roasting – The Second Key to the Best-Tasting Coffee

The discovery of the distinctly sweet flavour of truly fresh-roasted coffee is the real inspiration for this class. In it, we cover the science, history, and technology behind coffee roasting while demonstrating a variety of methods for roasting coffee at home.

Alchemy of Brewing – The Third Key to the Best-Tasting Coffee

The focus of this class is the science behind brewing coffee; beginning with the fundamental principles of extraction and ending in a deeper exploration of how to apply these principles. We demonstrate a variety of popular brewing methods and equipment while examining the pros and cons of each.

Coffee Cupping & Tasting

A wine tasting tasting … but for coffee … plus a coffee lecture! We start by explaining how a coffee’s value and grade is determined and what goes on in a typical coffee cupping room. Then we brew, taste and analyze three different fresh-roasted coffees; making notes on each one; learning to chart their acidity, body and complexity; and learning how to differentiate among the three main growing regions.