Fresh Coffee Network

Freshness of the roast is the second key to delivering the best-tasting coffee experience, and as a green coffee company that caters to home-roasters, we are extremely discerning when it comes to coffee freshness. Since 2005, we’ve been working with local roasters via Fresh Coffee Network to have our coffees skillfully roasted and delivered truly fresh.

We roast our green coffees on a bi-weekly schedule and offer local delivery throughout the GTA.  (We also ship our fresh-roasted coffee Canada-wide, though we do not currently encourage delivery outside of Ontario due to loss of freshness + increased carbon footprint).

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What Makes Our Coffee So Delicious?

Guaranteed Fresh Coffee (sealed with a roast date!)

Our discovery that coffee naturally stales (oxidizes) 3-7 days after roasting led to the creation of our Fresh Coffee Network. We wanted our premium quality beans to be enjoyed at their absolute best, providing consumers with access to the enhanced flavour and health benefits of truly fresh roasted coffee.

Specialty certified (Fair Trade and Organic) arabica green beans are carefully selected and roasted by independent roasters, and delivered fresh within 24 hours of roasting. Fresh Coffee Network roasters are local and care about both coffee and the craft of roasting.

Our Definition of Freshness

Coffee has a short shelf-life, just like freshly baked bread, and so …

To be considered truly fresh, coffee must be kept in whole bean form and consumed within 5-7 days from the date of roasting. Each and every bag of our roasted coffee is sealed with a roast date so that we can guarantee its freshness.

The Truly Fresh Benefit

Better Flavour: As with fine wine, coffee is a terroir product; which means that its flavours are determined by the part of the world in which the coffee is grown, as well as the characteristics of its environment. When consumed fresh, high-quality coffees taste naturally sweet (due to the caramelization of the sugars in the roasting process) and reveal each origin’s delicate, regional flavour profile. Coffee’s characteristic sweetness and its subtle, and highly volatile flavours are not the same nor as intense once staling has occurred, since a coffee’s flavour profile changes due to the chemical process of oxidation.

Better for Health: Truly fresh coffee is also better for human health because the fresher the coffee; the more antioxidants remain intact inside each bean. Truly fresh-roasted coffee also tastes so good that many people find they can eliminate the added cream and/or sugar in their daily morning routine.

Enjoy Fresh Coffee in Your Home, Work or Office

Fresh Coffee Network is accepting custom roasted coffee orders and delivering true freshness throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Contact us to find out how you can make truly fresh coffee a part of your life!