Customer Care & Information Safety

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First thing’s first, we want to take care of our existing online customers and quell any worries regarding personal info being jeopardized by this recent website debacle.

All Personal Information is Safe

Our last website was built using a combination of a self-hosted WordPress blog and a separate e-commerce platform. The WordPress blog is the component that was mysteriously erased this past month, but we still maintain complete control of our e-commerce database and this is the only place where any customer information is stored.

Our e-commerce database contains our online sales; which means that all customer accounts, recent and past orders remain on lock 🔐

The safety of personal information and the protection online privacy are extremely important to us and we’ll be elaborating on these topics and our approach to them in the very near future.

If You Still Have A Question About a Recent Online Order …

Please direct your questions to us at

If You Would Like to Place An Order to be Shipped …

Please email your orders to

Next Steps …

While we work on a brand new e-commerce solution behind the scenes here (so that orders can eventually be placed and processed directly via our website) we’ll be using this new WordPress blog/website to publish:

  • Our coffee list (Green beans and fresh-roasted coffees)
  • Our coffee equipment list (Exciting new about the coffee spring to come!)
  • Coffee workshop dates and details (Spring 2018 schedule)
  • Detailed info about all of our products
  • Info about our cafe and cafe menu
  • Info about renting our cafe as an events space
  • Info and news about our beautiful 2 Matilda St. building
  • A blog that highlights all of our business activities
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