Wok Roasting Coffee by the Stream

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Wok Roasting, a New Trend

Roasting your own coffee is not just an enjoyable part of the overall coffee experience, it allows you to drink the freshest cups available anywhere, anytime, and a round-bottomed cooking wok makes an excellent tool for roasting green coffee beans!

In these early days of the COVID-19 pandemic physical distancing is a must, we’re spending time with our family out in nature while making this wok roast coffee video. It’s spring melt … we’re at the roadside … we’re choosing a wok inside a wok (double-wok technique) for a no-trace campfire … and roasting coffee is a natural part of our lifestyle.

Our intention for sharing these moments is to inspire other coffee consumers to roast their own coffee using something they likely already have at home—a wok; and more importantly, start paying attention to how freshness in coffee is really defined, as well as the source of their green coffee beans. (And all of our posts/ads are made by real people who are a part of us).

Try Wok Roasting Yourself Using Our Certified Green Coffees

We sell certified fair trade and organic green coffee for home-roasting, and organize green coffee shipments on our website. Buying our green coffee supports coffee growers, forest restoration, and further educational coffee content from us.

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