Climate Change Coffee

 Zero Footprint Coffee Addressing Our Number #1 World Issue

Our certified green & fresh-roasted coffees addressing climate change and other global issues … We have been developing these coffee supplies for decades, knowing that in order for coffee to be truly sustainable it’s carbon footprint must be accurately measured and reduced.

Cafe Solar® is our flagship green coffee that mitigates climate change by addressing deforestation with carbon neutral, solar-powered processing and a reforestation program tied to organic coffee production. This is true, sustainable coffee production; one that stops current deforestation and restores natural forests.

Climate Change Coffee is our roasted coffee blend that addresses climate change by measuring, reducing and offsetting 100% of the carbon footprint of it’s supply chain. It applies premium carbon offsets, which are generated by the coffee’s reforestation program, to make the entire coffee blend carbon neutral.

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Showing all 3 results