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Cafe Solar Harvest ‘19/20: Green Coffee Q-Grade

Feature image of Karen in the proces q-grading the 2019/2020 harvest of Cafe Solar.

The q-grading of coffee is a process that consumers don’t typically get access to, and Cafe Solar is not your average coffee. It’s a supply of green coffee that’s built to mitigate climate change, and its q-grading process (which is the confirmation of any coffee’s quality) represents an important aspect of this specialty coffee’s unique, transparent supply chain. Official Q-Grade Results Q-grading this year’s (2019/2020) harvest of solar dried coffee is Karen Jull, accredited Merchants Q-grader and Grocery Brand Manager for Cafe Solar coffee. Karen’s extensive background in food product development combined with her past experience cupping and grading various solar dried coffee harvests over the years qualify her in providing a valuable sensory perspective on the development of this solar dried coffee. See our “Corporate Documents” page to download a copy of Karen’s q-grade results, in which she scored the coffee an 82.75. A completely impartial at-source Q-grading of…

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