Welcome to Restoration Cafe + Funding for Cafe Solar®

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Richard, Raul and Derek Zavislake (co-founder of Merchants of Green Coffee) have been working together for more than 20 years.

Restoration Cafe Opens Today

Today marks a special day in our history as we announced the official name of our cafe, along with our partners; the Mesoamerican Development Institute, who announced some exciting plans for the expansion of our flagship coffee program.

May we now welcome you to Merchants’ Restoration Cafe! Our cafe is meant to be the place where consumers can experience the embodiment of Merchants of Green Coffee’s value-set, coffee knowledge, and alternative coffee supply chain.

Restoration Cafe aims to be a true triple bottom line cafe; taking into account—not just profits and returns to shareholders—but also the business’s impact on the people in its supply chain and the environment affected by it. We now look forward to the cafe’s evolution as a platform for our education, environmentalism, and specially sourced coffees.

Our flagship coffee, Cafe Solar, uses off-grid solar-powered processing and is restoring essential forests with an organized system of farming managed by women.

Cafe Solar® Funding Announced

In addition to our cafe naming, we’re thrilled to announce that after more than 20 years with all of the incredible partners working together, we’ve finally received the funding to scale the capacity of the program from 1 solar-powered dryer to 10 solar dryers; which equates to million of pounds of coffee and one of the greatest opportunities for forest protection in Central America!

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