2020 Vision: Official Publication of Sustainable Coffee Price

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Better Coffee For Us and the Planet Starts with Paying Sustainable Prices

Click the image above to download a copy of our 2020 Vision

In our 2020 Vision Document, we publish today’s sustainable price of coffee, based on the real costs of growing coffee (by grade), as well as details about our company vision for better coffee for us and the planet within the next 10 years.

There’s no debating or denying it, 2020 will be a decisive decade. Our world offers an abundance of information, but our ecological time clock is running out. We’re more connected than ever before, and yet this vast network can feel so vacuous … this is there coffee comes in!

Coffee is about discussion and holds a special place in our culture and our daily lives. It is, and has historically always been, a thinking beverage; one that physically brings people together for conversation. Coffee is the example product. It fuels us. 

It is for these (and many other reasons) that the Merchants of Green Coffee business plan aims to turn the ubiquitous cup we’ve been served these past decades into a smarter, thinking cup that benefits all.

We Drink Coffee, and We Consume

Alongside our shared love for coffee, is something everyone has in common. Academics, full- and part-time workers, entrepreneurs, students, climate activists, our wonderful elders … we’re all consumers; and most of us recognize that we live in a privileged world where we’re able to wake up every morning, drink a coffee, and choose how we spend our money throughout the day. 

As we sip our coffees this morning Australia is still ablaze (11 million hectares impacted by wildfire thus far) and well over a billion animals have already burned to death. Yes, the guilt should start setting in. It’s 2020 and toilet paper is still being made with virgin tree fibre …

We’re all responsible in some way and we’re all needed to power the change. Governments are responsible for implementing change; businesses need to start writing change into their articles of incorporation; consumers need to do their research and put their money where their values are—of course, this also requires truthfulness and transparency in the marketplace; and we all need to challenge ourselves to rise up above our more trivial human squabbles. 

Can We Cooperate Under Shared Principals and Values?

For us here at Merchants of Green Coffee, 2020 is about bringing 25 years’ worth of groundwork, based on UN Millennium Development environmental goals and targets, into mainstream coffee.

In this decade, with our Cafe Solar® program well underway and with the security of its supply, we will start by actively engaging in direct outreach to major companies, organizations, and investors to make restorative coffee an everyday cup in both the specialty and broader markets. We will also be ramping up our consumer outreach to sign up more households across Canada and help grow Climate Change Coffee® awareness worldwide.

For more details about our plans, and for today’s sustainable coffee price (vs. the commodities trading price) and real costs of growing coffee (accounting for social and environmental costs), read our 2020 Vision:

[Click to Download Merchants’ 2020 Vision Document]

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