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Climate Change Coffee is Here … Sign Up Now!

First climate change coffee sign up.

Climate Change Coffee Announcement @ Patagonia Toronto

In true spirit of environmental campaigning, we spent Saturday, August 24th, with our friends at Patagonia Toronto collecting names and support for our new Climate Change Coffee blend.

We Merchants feel lucky to be regular participants now in our local Patagonia store’s pop-up festivals alongside other great grassroots organizations, and we’re proud to know that our coffee and our cause is always appreciated by the community of like-minds.

Local Consumers Can Power Global Change

If you are a coffee drinker, this is your opportunity. And even if you don’t drink coffee, you still know someone who does.

✅ By signing up to Climate Change Coffee, all consumers can now take the first step in voting “Yes” to a coffee supply chain that does not destroy forests; and instead, actually grows forests and sequesters carbon.

✅ By signing up to Climate Change Coffee all consumers can now vote “Yes” to replacing wood-burning coffee dryers to solar-powered dryers,

✅ By signing up to Climate Change Coffee all consumers can now vote “Yes” to a coffee supply line that is very carefully managed by women at all levels of production.

Sign Up Now and Have an Immediate Effect!

—> Sign Up via Email

—> Sign Up by Purchasing Climate Change Coffee (COMING SEPTEMBER 20)

—> Sign Up by Purchasing Cafe Solar® Green Beans (Fresh-roasted Cafe Solar® SEPTEMBER 20)

Why Climate Change Coffee and Why Now?

Because our future is at stake, and our forests (and coffee) can’t wait!

In the region of Honduras where we are working on Climate Change Coffee, coffee production has tripled over the past 7 years and is the leading threat to forest habitat.

According to Conservation International, meeting future demand for coffee could require tripling coffee production by 2050. At current productivity levels, this would require an area 4 times the size of Costa Rica.

“Four times the size of Costa Rica! – That’s more than the entire area of Honduras! says Richard Trubey, Program Developer and Co-founder of Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI). “Which is just crazy because at current rates, losing all remaining forests in Honduras is probably just 30 years out”.

No Greenwashing Here, Climate Change Coffee is Built on Science …

Richard Trubey has been a director of Climate Change Coffee program since its inception 25 years ago. He works alongside engineers, scientists, agronomists and other professionals in the field, and in partnership with UMASS’s Sustainability Department, to implement the Climate Change Coffee program’s Solar-powered Coffee Drying Technology and Integrated Open Canopy (IOC) restorative agricultural approach.

Spanning 25 years of development, Richard and partners have amassed a comprehensive, body of research and knowledge centred on coffee and forest destruction, migratory bird species habitats and population, energy efficiencies in coffee production, carbon sequestration and forest mapping, and the connections between coffee and climate change in general.

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CBC Radio Interview w/ Merchants’ CEO

cbc podcast about coffee

In cased you missed it, we were just on CBC Radio!

Listen to the first 10 minutes of the podcast to hear our CEO and co-founder talk about Merchants’ company values, our solar-powered coffee program, and the science of coffee freshness.

–> Link to the CBC podcast page

(Special thanks to our long-time customer and supporter, Andrew Fountain, for providing a home coffee-roasting demonstration to the CBC journalist! 😁👏)

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Coffee + Food + Discussion = Community

We don’t often think of coffee as a food, and yet it is the roasted seed of a cherry; the first thing many of us consume each morning. It’s also—quite often—the last flavour to finish off a celebratory, multi-course meal.

So why wouldn’t coffee be as important as any other ingredient we cook with?

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Environment Stories Setting the Tone for 2019

#1 There is No Planet B

(Image Source)

At first it might appear all negative, but people all over the world are actively working on solutions and there is still time. Kim Robinson of Sierra Magazine analyzes the drastic changes taking place in our “Anthropocene” as well as some of the top-debated solutions for putting a halt to the global temperature rise. Here’s an excerpt that hits us particularly close to home as conservationists:

“Many of the most promising ideas for carbon dioxide drawdown are local and regional rather than global, and they make use of biological processes already well tested by evolution. Take, for example, preserving or restoring forests and peat bogs. These are good practices in and of themselves for the long-term cycling of elements crucial to life; at the same time, protecting and expanding forests can help sequester atmospheric carbon. The same goes for improving farming and ranching practices to prioritize soil health, conserving coastal wetlands, seeding and sustaining offshore kelp forests, and restoring native grasslands.”

Kim Stanley Robinson, award-winning novelist and author
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The “Ace” of Coffee Brewers

kitchen tool

For over a decade, we’ve been developing and using this simple setup to brew our signature rich and sweet-tasting black cups of “Merchants Method” black coffee. We’ve always referred to our beloved little tool as the “coffee spring” and our process for brewing “steep & filter”—simply because we felt they were the most natural terms to describe what we were up to.

Fast-forward to now and we’re launching our coffee spring at an actual target: World domination of better coffee! To make this happen, we’ve decided to name our brewing tool “ACE Brewer”. We’ve also officially dubbed our tried and tested method for brewing as the Two-Step Steep and Filter® process.

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We’ve Named Our Cafe and We’re Expanding the Production of Cafe Solar®

  • restoring coffee toronto cafe
    Menu beginnings …

Today marks a special day in our history as we announced the official name of our cafe, along with our partners; the Mesoamerican Development Institute, who announced some exciting plans for the expansion of our flagship coffee program.

May we now welcome you to Merchants’ Restoration Cafe! Our cafe is meant to be the place where consumers can experience the embodiment of Merchants of Green Coffee’s value-set, coffee knowledge, and alternative coffee supply chain.

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Official Cafe Soft Launch Approaching!

Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay

Today is considered “International Coffee Day”, but don’t worry if you weren’t aware because no one seems to know its real origin. The concept has been promoted on different days in different countriesthe earliest record being Japan in 1983.

Just three years ago, the International Coffee Organization agreed to the first official recognition of the date in Milan as a way of promoting fair trade coffee and awareness to coffee growers.

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Merchants of Green Coffee (Cafe) News!

sustainable cafe

We have 2 exciting things to report:

#1 We’re naming our cafe!
(a number of years ago the cafe just sort of happened, so this will be our official recognition)

#2 Our Mesoamerican partners are coming to visit us this month with news from Honduras!

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Today We Say Thanks to USA Today!

Today we’re thanking USA Today because they published a story about us and one of the 3 Keys to Great Tasting Coffee (freshness of the roast) in their travel section this week!

“You’ve probably been drinking stale coffee all your adult life …”, says Eat Sip Trip writer, Kae Lani … and it’s the truth!

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Our Holiday Wish? To Sell 44,000lbs of Cafe Solar as quickly as possible!


Around here, we’re calling it a Christmas miracle! As of today, the new Cafe Solar harvest is here in our shop, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this supremely sustainable Honduran coffee to market.

The container endured one of the longest modern voyages of any coffee, and now that climate change coffee is here we need you to please buy, drink and spread the word. (By the way, 44,000lbs is approx. 1.75 million cups, just sayin’ 😉)

Click here to learn more about our sustainable Cafe Solar coffee!