Wake Up! Better Coffee is Here

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Our first-ever “commercial” to help promote our flagship restorative coffees: Cafe Solar green coffee & affiliated roasted blend; Climate Change Coffee. Co-produced in 2016 by Scott Lalonde, Customer & Media Collaborator and Meagan Thibeault, Director of Communications, this video is meant to capture the feeling of waking up happy to better cups; i.e. better for both us and the planet.

Better Coffee Tastes Great … and Mitigates Climate Change!

Better coffee is here addressing better taste and climate change mitigation. Cafe Solar® and Climate Change Coffee are the only coffees addressing climate change in a transparent and measurable way.

Defining Cafe Solar & Climate Change Coffee

Cafe Solar: Our flagship green coffee that’s mitigating climate change … it’s the product of a restorative program that combines organic farming, 100% off-grid solar-powered processing, and forest restoration.

Climate Change Coffee: Our flagship roasted blend that’s addressing climate change … It’s the first roasted coffee blend to measure and offset the entire production of its blend ingredients, making it the first carbon-neutral roasted coffee blend! (The option to offset the footprint of its delivery to your door is also coming soon).

The main ingredient in Climate Change Coffee is our Cafe Solar beans; and together, we’re proud to announce that these are the first and only two coffees to measure the carbon footprint of their production and offset it by 100%!

What is Restorative Coffee?

Coffee that is produced sustainably and is restoring forests in growing regions. Real sustainability isn’t just about stopping coffee’s negative impacts. That’s Step #1 (i.e. stopping the pesticide use, the burning of wood to process the green beans, the cutting of forests to harvest firewood, etc.). Step #2 in achieving real sustainability is to restore the natural resources that have been used up to this point (i.e. the forests that have already been cut down, the soils that have been depleted, etc.)

In short, “sustainability” isn’t enough anymore. At this point in time mitigating climate change and cooling the planet will require the restoration of the planet’s forests and other ecological systems, thus “restorative coffee” is truly sustainable coffee.

Why Restorative?

Because our coffee consumption has a huge footprint that has never been accounted for, and not many people are planning on giving up their habit!

… And because forest restoration alongside coffee farms is a solution! Rather than contribute to the carbon emissions, coffee can and needs to sequester carbon. In this way, consumers can feel good about their morning habit.

Wake Up!

These coffees are active in making a difference; restoring forests, measuring carbon sequestration, using off-grid solar-energy … and they are available for purchase today!

–> Buy Cafe Solar (Green Coffee)

–> Buy Cafe Solar (Roasted Coffee)

–> Buy Climate Change Coffee (Roasted Coffee)

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