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Coffee Barometer Report Points to the Problems

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The Coffee Barometer Report points to the major problems in coffee right now: Greenwashing and Exploitation.

Writer, Kristen Motz, was spot-on with her analysis of the 2018 Coffee Barometer Report when she wrote: “As I read the last sentence of the 2018 Coffee Barometer report, it left me thinking of the Honduran phrase “tilin-tilin y nada de paletas.” It means the ice cream truck is empty or, in other words, “all talk but no action.””

Today’s situation is no different. On page 27 of the latest report it states, “While the importance of increased transparency is widely shared across the industry, the results of these sector-wide instruments are disappointing.”

The low global coffee trading price (which is set by the NY Commodities Exchange), plus lack of environmental transparency (by industry leaders); all fueled by consumers’ love for getting this product at a discount, is causing a crisis situation for many producers.

Economic Situation in Honduras at Worst in 60 years

Honduras, (where our flagship coffee program is located), is in its worst economic situation in 60 years, due to COVID coupled with two devastating back-to-back hurricanes. If the coffee industry could find a way to pay a fair price to growers the situation could improve.

According to the New York Times World COVID-19 Tracker: As of April 13th, Honduras as administered less than 60,000 doses of vaccine – less than 0.1 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.

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