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Today We Say Thanks to USA Today!

Today we’re thanking USA Today because they published a story about us and one of the 3 Keys to Great Tasting Coffee (freshness of the roast) in their travel section this week!

“You’ve probably been drinking stale coffee all your adult life …”, says Eat Sip Trip writer, Kae Lani … and it’s the truth!

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Our Holiday Wish? To Sell 44,000lbs of Cafe Solar as quickly as possible!


Around here, we’re calling it a Christmas miracle! As of today, the new Cafe Solar harvest is here in our shop, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this supremely sustainable Honduran coffee to market.

The container endured one of the longest modern voyages of any coffee, and now that climate change coffee is here we need you to please buy, drink and spread the word. (By the way, 44,000lbs is approx. 1.75 million cups, just sayin’ 😉)

Click here to learn more about our sustainable Cafe Solar coffee!

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The 3 Keys to The Best Tasting Coffee

There are three critical keys to making the best tasting coffee, regardless of what coffee camp you belong to. As with fine wine, the quality of the coffee begins with the quality of the fruit …

#1 – The Bean

The first key to great coffee is the Quality of the Green Bean.

The best cup of coffee starts with the best beans, and the best beans are high-elevation; arabica fairly traded and grown organically. Coffee production that includes innovations such as, restorative agriculture, advanced sorting and processing equipment, and better packaging/storage facilities for export, also play a role in increasing a coffee’s overall quality.

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Occasional Occupational Update: Flu Season

Update by: Meagan Thibeault, Communications Director

When you’re a small brick-and-mortar business trying to establish a web presence with few resources (a.k.a one person spearheading the entire website rebuild) something as teeny and insignificant as a common flu bug can wreak havoc on progress.

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Customer Care & Information Safety

First thing’s first, we want to take care of our existing online customers and quell any worries regarding personal info being jeopardized by this recent website debacle.

All Personal Information is Safe

Our last website was built using a combination of a self-hosted WordPress blog and a separate e-commerce platform. The WordPress blog is the component that was mysteriously erased this past month, but we still maintain complete control of our e-commerce database and this is the only place where any customer information is stored.

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Today, We Rebuild

Our website was hacked and so, out of necessity, we’re rebuilding it. Starting here. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and it’s a concept we’re all too familiar with.

In this new phase of our online existence, we’re inviting you to follow along with our website rebuild in real time. Yes, you read correctly, we’re going to reinvent and rebuild our website right in front of literally everyone. (We’ll be blogging about it along the way too).

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